The Process of Stairs Carpet Cleaning

In this case study, we explore the process of stairs carpet cleaning in Cheltenham using an eco-friendly cleaning approach. Actually we cleaned the carpet in the bedrooms too but the staircase was visually the dirtiest part as can  be seen on the picture below.

Stairs Carpet Cleaning In Cheltenham

What Client Wanted

Client’s Concerns: The carpets had accumulated years of dirt, and foot traffic, presenting a challenging cleaning scenario. The client expressed a preference for eco-friendly products to make sure their toddlers and pets are well protected from allergies. Certainly this was easy for us as we only use green and non toxic products when we deal with residential properties.

The Process

Solution: Eco-Friendly Pre-Spray and Hot Water Extraction

Upon evaluating the staircase, we identified the need for a comprehensive cleaning plan. The carpeted stairs exhibited a mix of dirt, stains, and general wear and tear. Understanding the client’s preference for eco-friendly solutions, we decided on a three-step process: vacuuming first following by pre-spraying with an eco-friendly detergent and then hot water extraction.

1. Hoovering:

First we hoovered the carpet to get out as much dirt as we can. By doing it this way we are making sure that the pre-spray cleaning detergent will penetrate deep into the carpet

2. Pre-Spraying with Eco-Friendly Detergent: To prepare the carpet for deep cleaning, we selected a high-performance, environmentally conscious pre-spray detergent. This solution was not only tough on stains and dirt but also gentle on the carpet fibers and safe for indoor air quality. The application of the pre-spray was meticulously done, ensuring even coverage on all areas of the staircase. Allowing the eco-friendly detergent to dwell on the carpet is crucial for breaking down and loosening embedded dirt and stains. We adhered to the recommended dwell time, maximizing the detergent’s effectiveness..

3. Hot Water Extraction: The next step involved the use of a hot water extraction system, a powerful and efficient method for deep cleaning carpets. We used an eco-friendly rinse to ensure that no detergent residue was left behind. This step not only enhanced the carpet’s cleanliness but also contributed to a healthier indoor environment. Overall process involved injecting hot water into the carpet under high pressure and extracting the water along with dissolved dirt and stains. The combination of hot water and suction not only cleaned the carpet thoroughly but also helped in drying it faster.

Stairs Carpet Cleaning
The Result

The transformation of the carpeted was remarkable. The eco-friendly cleaning process effectively removed stains, dirt, and odors, leaving the carpet looking revitalized and feeling soft underfoot. The client was delighted not only with the satisfying result. He also wasn’t worried about his kids playing in the carpet from now on because no harmful chemicals were used


 This case study highlights the successful application of eco-friendly cleaning techniques to restore a relatively dirty carpets. The combination of a thoughtfully chosen detergent and a hot water extraction method not only achieved exceptional cleaning results. It also aligned with the client’s commitment to sustainability. This project showcases the possibility of achieving a pristine clean while treading lightly on the environment.

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