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Carpet Cleaning in Bishops Cleeve

Your house ought to be a haven of relaxation and tidiness for you and your family. Carpet Refresh is here to make sure that in addition to being clean, your carpets are also inviting and have a new scent. Our professional carpet cleaning services in Bishops Cleeve are intended to invigorate your living areas and bring them back to their former glory.

Why Should You Pick Us?

Thorough cleaning for long-term improvement

We are aware of the various hazards that might potentially affect your carpets on a daily basis, such as accidental spills and the general wear and tear that builds up over time. Because of this, we offer cleaning solutions that are both thorough and tailored to meet your requirements. Your carpets will receive a thorough cleaning that is also gentle on the environment because our team is comprised of trained professionals who are outfitted with the most up-to-date cleaning methods and environmentally friendly solutions.

Expertise That Cannot Be Rivalled

At Carpet Refresh, our company does more than just clean carpets; in addition, we revitalise them. Our crew have a wealth of knowledge as well as a profound understanding of a variety of carpet materials and the particular cleaning requirements that are associated with each. We are capable of removing even the most stubborn stains and providing comprehensive cleaning services.

Approach that Is Focused on the Customer

Your contentment is one of our top priorities. We will first pay attention to your problems, analyse the requirements of your carpet, and then select the cleaning techniques that will be most effective. We approach every task with the same level of commitment, regardless of whether it is a home or business setting, and we always work hard to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Wellness and Risk Management

Your health and happiness are our top priorities. Our cleaning products are designed to do more than simply make your carpets look nicer. In addition to that, they are intended to make the air within your home safer and healthier. We utilise materials that are safe, non-toxic, and gentle on your carpets. These products are also suitable for your family or staff to use.

Call Us

Provide your carpets with the care and attention they require. Let us restore the natural splendour that they once possessed. Discover the transformation that can take place in your house as a result of using Carpet Refresh. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to book an appointment for a consultation or to acquire additional information regarding our services.

Carpet cleaning

Other Services We Offer

The Equipment we Use

Our company uses The Airflex Storm to clean your carpets, and sofa. The 800 psi pump makes this one of the most potent carpet cleaners available. Otherwise this makes the machine suitable not only for residential homes but also for hotels, schools and offices. In fact, the machine’s carpet cleaning ability is a result of the incorporation of 3 x 1400 Watt heavy duty Lamb Ametek vacuum motors. Furthermore, we have an integrated heater that can be set anywhere from 40 to 110 degrees Celsius. So we can accommodate a wide range of carpet materials. In addition, we use a Sebo Duo Carpet Cleaning Agitator which has twin contra-rotating brushes. The agitator works well to drive detergent deep into each carpet fibre. Usually this allowing us to remove every last trace of soil. Finally, the procedure not only improves the carpet’s appearance but also restores the carpet’s original, flatter pile.


Customers Testimonials

Take our clients’ words for it instead of ours:

Amazing job! My carpets look like new again thanks to you. Highly recommend!

Emma Evans

Carpet Refresh made my old carpets look like new again. Fast, friendly and affordable service!

Noah Harris
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